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If you’re a parent with an adolescent or an early teen looking for education and knowledge from a reliable source, you already know the internet is ripe with misinformation.

Who are the experts giving information? Why is there so much contradicting advice? How can you tell someone is reliable and trustworthy? 

We know it's hard! That's why credentials, board certification, and reputation is important!

We are both board certified MDs, clinical OB/GYNs at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, with long standing reputations for excellent teaching and superb clinical care. 


By the end of this course

we will have taught you all about ... 


  • Hormones

    Know what is happening in the brain AND the body during puberty
  • Proper terminology

    Appreciate and know the proper terminology for female anatomy, where various organs and lady parts are located, and the function of each one
  • Understanding the menstrual cycle better than you ever thought possible

    What do feeling confident and PMS have to do with our cycles? We teach this and so much more
  • Period products (even ones you've never heard of!)

    Learn how to use them optimally. Know the risks and benefits of each one (and which ones are most popular among our patients!)
  • What questions are we asked the most, by teens, in our office? 

    We run through our office FAQs and give ALL the answers

"The information was presented in such a clear way that made me feel more comfortable with my body."

14 yo student

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FemEd is absolutely brilliant ... and necessary! OB/GYNs giving "the talk"? I can't think of a better solution than that!

- Parent


FemEd is not just a company that gives "the talk"; FemEd is a philosophy. The physicians behind it have the power to change the landscape of "the talk".

- Parent


FemEd will help make us all comfortable with the uncomfortable

- Parent




Module 1

Anatomy + Body Image

Module Description: Using true patient stories, we talk about the female body and how to think positively about it! Proper anatomical terminology and descriptions are reviewed.

Module Highlights:

  • Think positively about the female body. Expert tips on how
  • Learn external and internal anatomy - what is where and what does what
Module 2

Hormone Pathway

Module Description: A detailed but easy to understand description of the hormones of puberty and emotional / physical / psychosocial changes that occur

Module Highlights:

  • Hormonal signaling explained, but in a fun and easy way to understand!
  • Emotional and psychosocial changes during puberty and coping and exploratory tips
  • Physical changes - what happens when and advice to help ease into those changes
Module 3

The Menstrual Cycle

Module Description: Learn about periods and the entire menstrual cycle. Understand what actually happens during an entire cycle.

Module Highlights:

  • Review of the menstrual cycle and hormones with pretty images. We won't bore you!
  • What's normal and not normal for cramps, bleeding, PMS? We explain!
  • Period products - how to use each one properly and safely (even some you've never heard about!)
Module 4


Module Description: What do preteens and teens want to know from an OB/GYN? After giving talks numerous times, we kept getting asked the same questions so we made a module just to answer them!

Module Highlights:

  • What's it like going to an OB/GYN for the first time? What happens? What should you know? 
  • What's confidential and not confidential when teens speak with doctors
Bonus Module

Sexuality, Consent, and Masturbation

You'll have the option to add this bonus module at check out!

Module Highlights:

  • Characteristics of a healthy relationship and surrounding yourself with people who support you
  • Consent: definitions, what it looks like in real life, and things that get in the way 
  • Discussion of pornography and why it's a bad teacher
  • Sexting and advice on how to avoid it
  • Commonly asked questions about masturbation

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

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  • 4 Modules

    Become more knowledgeable and empowered about the female body. Move through puberty with a better understanding of changes and tips to help with those changes!

  • Complete description of FEMALE ANATOMY

    Education = empowerment. Learn the anatomy that some people in their 30s still ask us about!
  • explanation of HORMONES

    Hormones are amazing. They get a bad rep, but understanding what hormones do can help you harness the power of puberty and the menstrual cycle!

    Finally understand the power of the menstrual cycle and period and use this knowledge to an advantage!


  • FAQs

    Adolescents and teens want to know what other adolescents and teens are asking about! We've compiled our top FAQs and review the answers in detail.  
  • BONUS option!

    Add module about CONSENT and SEXUALITY, if it's right for you

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Dive in Deeper


Bonus 1


Weekly live Q+A sessions to answer any  lingering questions

(A $1000 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Weekly hour long Zoom sessions where we answer additional questions (4 total)
  • Ability to keep questions anonymous!
  • Sessions recorded and emailed for those who can't make it
Bonus 2


Special resources, created by us, to complement each module

(A $150 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • List of resources we use and recommend
  • PMS worksheet and tracker
  • Summary of content
Bonus 3


Questions and topics, made by us, to help initiate conversation between adolescent and adult.

(A $100 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • Discussion questions for each module
  • Based on questions adolescents and adults ask us in our clinical practice

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Puberty + Periods - $400 Value

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What if Puberty + Periods ends up being NOT RIGHT FOR YOU? 

We have every confidence in our courses! And we have the experience to know they help educate and empower adolescents in a way they've never been taught before!

We know you'll love this course. But, if you find that the course is not right for you / your adolescent, or you're looking for different level of information, we can provide that!

If you or your adolescent review all the modules within 2 weeks of the course being available and don't learn anything new, please email us. 

We aren't able to refund your money, but we will happily credit you with the amount of the course to purchase a more level appropriate course, when it next launches. 

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Still thinking about it?

Puberty + Periods is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. you're a parent of an adolescent female, wanting them to learn about their body
  2. your'e an adolescent female and want to learn about what's happening in your body and mind right now!
  3. want to learn about the puberty and periods in a self paced, private way
  4. you've already tried googling and researching the internet on your own and are more confused than ever about hormones, periods, vulvar and vaginal health
  5. worry that sex ed in school leaves some pretty big gaps about female health education in general
  6. want to be introduced to gynecology topics and gynecologist in a gentle and friendly way 
  7. ready to learn and feel more empowered about your female body

We can’t wait for you to join Puberty + Periods!

We created this course to help education and empower adolescent females.

We have spent decades becoming experts in our field. And yet our experience with clinical medicine is that it doesn't allow the depth and breadth of teaching and explaining we want to give patients to help them truly understand their bodies.

We created Female Health Education to fill in the gaps. Stop the misinformation prevalent on the internet. Provide a safe and private way for people to learn about important topics.

The course is risk free! We are launching courses for all age ranges - from adolescent females all the way through fertility and menopause. If the course purchase is not right for you, there will be on that is! 


Drs. Quimby and Twogood

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