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Dr. Alyssa Quimby and Dr. Sara Twogood are OB/GYNs at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles

We want to help people understand the female body and reproductive medicine in a way that empowers them and promotes positive feelings toward their body and themselves.

This takes more time than our current health care system allows for in a focused doctor visit. Frustrated by the constraints of a typical doctor’s office, Dr. Quimby and Dr. Twogood started exploring avenues to give patients helpful, scientific based medical information outside the office. This included serving on medical review boards; contributing to online publications such as NPR, SELF, Cosmopolitan, and Well+Good; lecturing outside the office; and forming group sessions inside the office. Ultimately, they realized the best way to do this in a simple and convenient format for patients is through health education workshops. Voila – Female Health Education was born. 

Alyssa Quimby, MD

Dr. Quimby’s passion is education. As a former professor at USC Keck School of Medicine, she led the OBGYN clerkship. For years, she mentored and taught each 3rd year medical student at the Keck School of Medicine, both in the classroom and the hospital. She developed innovative curriculum to round out education and received accolades as a teacher and physician. In her current role at Cedars Sinai, she continues teaching medical students and residents. Patients have equally recognized this passion for teaching and Dr. Quimby consistently receives the highest marks from patients. 

Sara Twogood, MD

Dr. Twogood’s passion is promoting and demystifying health information to the public. Her blog, Dr. Sara Twogood’s LadyParts Blog, provides comprehensive information about pregnancy and gynecology topics. She is on the medical board for the period tracker app Flo; contributes as a medical expert for The Bump (a pregnancy app and website); and serves on the Byrdie Beauty and Wellness Review Board (Byrdie.com). As a former professor at USC Keck School of Medicine, she gave talks to the community about varied topics in OBGYN. 


Both physicians excel in connecting with patients and counseling them with a holistic approach, and both have been named as Top Doctors in both Pasadena and Los Angeles magazines for years. 

They are moms to young daughters and want them to grow up with accurate and positive information about the female body. This was a major inspiration for Female Health Education …

to educate and inspire the next generation.

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