Build Your Foundation of Knowledge About The Female Body

Taught by 2 female OBGYNs skilled at simplifying complex medical information in a way you can actually understand

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There is not enough time in the office setting to teach patients everything we want them to know about their female body. Our health care system is not set up to do that. 

So we created a way! THESE VIDEOS.

Receive an in-depth education with 2 primary goals: 

1.) view the female body from a positive framework and

2.) establish core, crucial knowledge on the most common OB/GYN topics


Created by 2 board certified OB/GYNs practicing at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles - both with long standing reputations for excellent teaching and superb clinical care.




Library currently includes 24 videos

And we're adding more all the time!

Ranging from 5 to 30 minutes per video

Total content: more than 4 HOURS!!

Hand outs and resources included 


Watch what you want, in the order that makes the most sense to YOU. 

Short and succinct - designed to be easy to digest



This is the antidote

to the Googling spiral for health information 

Here's how people feel about our course: 

"This information was presented in such a clear way that made me feel more comfortable with my body"


"FemEd will help make us all comfortable with the uncomfortable"

Melissa, 37

People who have taken the course unanimously agree -

"it's a game changer"


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